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About Us

The North Charlotte Athletics Association is a Christian, homeschool, non-profit competitive organization. Our teams go by the name, The North Charlotte Lions. It is our goal to provide athletic opportunities to homeschool students and families in the North Charlotte area. We are apart of the North Carolina Home Educators Athletic Association (NCHEAC) conference where we play strictly homeschool teams. In efforts to provide more opportunities for our athletes, we are also apart of the CSAA which is a private school conference.

Though we are a homeschool organization, our team runs similar to public or private school teams in regards to our schedule. We have a season filled with roughly 30 games. Practices are held every day of the week except Wednesdays and Sundays.

Mission Statement

The North Charlotte Homeschool Athletics Association (NCHAA) is a Christian, non-profit, youth sports association seeking to serve Middle and High School homeschool families in areas to the North of Charlotte, North Carolina. Our primary focus is centered on our faith and belief in Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. NCHAA will utilize the platform of competitive youth athletics to introduce, nurture and encourage a life of faith in Jesus Christ. NCHAA will provide a platform of administrative organization and leadership of various sports of interest for the community. NCHAA will seek to provide our athlete’s and families with a robust offering of various competitive youth athletics programs utilizing the skills of motivated and dedicated volunteer coaches and staff.

Q & A

Q: Who is eligible to join?

A: NCHAA is targeting athletic registered homeschoolers (have to be registered as a

homeschooler) encompassing the northern parts of Charlotte (center city northward), NW Charlotte and NE

Charlotte, Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, Mooresville as well as Belmont, Mt Holly and Denver NC.


Q: What is NCHAA?

A: We are a non profit, 501(c)(3) organization focused on providing homeschool student athletes the opportunity to play in multiple sports opportunities. Our main league will be the North Carolinians for Home Education Athletic Commission which is a competitive, tournament style, statewide association of

registered homeschooled athletic teams. All sports offerings are competitive therefore try outs will be mandatory.


Q: When will you meet?

A: We plan to have an open gym in the coming weeks. Please sign up to receive further

information on the FREE open gym session.


Q: Where will you meet?

We will meet at a centralized location convenient to the locations we are looking to serve.

Location TBD. Please sign up to receive complete updates as to the location of our FREE open gym session.


Q: Why start a new league?

Good question. We’ve surveyed the athletics market and we do indeed have a very

strong interest from homeschool families for a league closer to home. We are looking to provide a convenient location

in proximity to this athletic homeschooler base and intend to be a multi-sport organization.

We will be volunteer based so if you’d like to volunteer to coach please let us know.

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